Abdominal Ultrasound


The Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic is pleased to offer a premium paediatric abdominal ultrasound service at our Surrey based private clinic. With the use of cutting-edge imaging technologies, our skilled team of professionals can reliably diagnose and keep track of a variety of child illnesses and conditions.

Since we are aware that young patients have particular needs, we make an effort to make every visit as comfortable as possible for every child visiting our private clinics in Charlwood, West Sussex and Horley, Surrey.


What is an Ultrasound?


An ultrasound, also commonly referred to as an sonogram, employs high-frequency sound waves to produce precise images of your child’s interior organs, tissues, and blood arteries in a painless and secure imaging procedure. It is particularly advantageous for children because it doesn’t utilise radiation and is appropriate for all ages. The ultrasound scan typically lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

Your child may require this scan so that our gastroenterologist may obtain precise images of the various bodily parts of the abdomen, such as the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen, for any abnormalities or diseases. The treatment for your child is then planned using the information from the scan.





How Paediatric Ultrasounds Can Support a Diagnosis


Paediatric ultrasound has various applications in diagnosing abdominal pain.

A paediatric abdominal ultrasound provides pictures of the structures within the upper abdomen. It helps in diagnosing various gastrointestinal issues.




What will Happen During the Scan?


During the scan, you can remain by your child’s side.  Your child’s skin will be covered in jelly over the scanning region, and a probe will be moved in that direction. The sound waves from this probe are sent through your child’s body and then picked up again when they are reflected back.




After the Scan


When enough pictures have been taken, they will wipe off the jelly so that your child can get off the bed and go home if no further tests or treatment is planned. The report from the scan will be sent to your child’s consultant to review.


Why Choose Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic?


We go above and beyond to provide exceptional care for your child’s health.

Here’s why Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic is the ideal choice for private paediatric ultrasound services:

  1. Expertise – Our team of highly qualified radiologists has specific expertise in paediatric imaging. They have excellent experience and skill in carrying out pediatric-specific ultrasonography exams. They are aware of the particular issues pertaining to paediatric patients.
  2. Advanced Imaging Technology – The Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic uses cutting-edge ultrasound technology, especially for children. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, we can collect high-resolution photos, ensuring precise diagnoses.
  3. Compassionate and Child-Centered Approach – We know that going to the doctor can be stressful for children. Our caring staff offers a cosy and friendly environment to help children feel comfortable during their time with us. This helps to make the abdominal ultrasound procedure as stress-free as possible and is a top priority for us.
  4. Efficient and Timely Service – We respect your time and recognise the value of fast medical care. Our effective scheduling method reduces waiting times and guarantees that we can accommodate your child’s abdominal ultrasound appointment as soon as possible. To facilitate quicker diagnosis and effective medical interventions, we work hard to deliver findings on time.


Based in Charlwood, West Sussex and Horley in Surrey, we are ideally placed to see young patients living throughout Surrey, West Sussex, Brighton, Kent, Dorking and further afield.


Book your child’s ultrasound with us today, or call us on +44(0)129 3365012 to learn more.