Welcome to the Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic


This clinic offers an unique ‘one stop’ clinical service for all paediatric gut conditions. We conduct a variety of in-house diagnostic tests to ensure that an accurate clinical diagnosis is made. These diagnostic tests include hydrogen breath test (lactose, sucrose, fructose, glucose), 24 hour pH study, skin prick test and colonic transit marker study, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, video capsule endoscopy, imagings (ultrasound, MRI, CT, X-ray). We also offer a phlebotomy service.

Our team is experienced in managing children with gut related problems both organic and functional. Children with chronic abdominal pain with a presumed diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may have a true underlying cause, such as food protein allergies or intolerances (milk, egg, wheat and soya), sugar intolerances (sorbitol, fructose, lactose and sucrose), small bowel bacterial overgrowth and overt constipation. Once we have diagnosed your child, we will ensure that the correct treatment is provided to improve or resolve their symptoms.

We are located at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital, one of the few private hospitals nationwide to offer this unique service for paediatric patients. Our service is convenient for our patients who would otherwise need to travel to the NHS Hospitals or Central London for further investigations.