Eczema in Children

Treatment for Eczema in Children at Paediatric Gut Investigation ClinicEczema is common in children that suffer from a variety of allergies, including food allergies.

Food allergies can contribute to the onset of eczema symptoms, especially in newborns and young children. When a food allergen is ingested, it is believed that the breakdown of the skin barrier leads to an allergic reaction. Atopic eczema in children is most commonly associated with milk or egg allergy in children under the age of two, however it can develop with any food.

If your child is suffering from eczema, it may be down to an undiagnosed food allergy or, in some cases, a previously diagnosed allergy that hasn’t been treated.

Learn more about the food allergy investigations available at the Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic and discover how this can help to detect the cause of eczema in children.

You may be asked to keep a food diary to try to determine whether a specific food makes your symptoms worse.

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