What is a Colonic Transit Markers Study

This test involves swallowing capsules containing radiopaque markers of different shapes each day over a 3-day period. The X-ray is taken on the fifth day to observe the distribution of the markers. It helps clinicians to select the best therapeutic options based on colon transit time. The test is non-invasive although the x-ray contains radiation. The markers are inert and do not interfere with the digestive system.

We may ask you to stop laxatives or continue laxative in preparation for the study. your child may restart their medication once the study has been completed.

How do I take the capsules?

The capsules can be swallowed whole or can be opened and mixed with a small amount of food such as custard or yoghurt.

Day 1 – take one capsule labelled 1 in the morning at 09:00

Day 2 – take one capsule labelled 2 in the morning at 09:00

Day 3 – take one capsule labelled 3 in the morning at 09:00

Day 5 – attend the X-ray department in the morning for your x-rays

Are there any risks or side effects to the study?

The markers will pass through the digestive system without any change to the structure. The markers are inert and therefore they pose no risk or have any side effects.