We were recently referred to the Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic after months of stomach issues with my 3-year-old son.

Our initial consultation with Dr Hii was very thorough; he asked lots of questions to get a full understanding and history of my son’s condition.

It was not at all rushed and we had lots of opportunities to ask questions. We felt very at ease with Dr Hii, he was very patient and explained everything very well. My son loved asking for a sticker at the end, nothing was too much trouble!

Following this appointment, we then had to have blood tests and a skin prick test. The appointment for this was booked very quickly and what could have been a stressful/traumatic ordeal for my son was very straightforward and uncomplicated. Femi, the nurse, was excellent with children. He chatted and played with my son, putting him at ease and reassuring him throughout so that he hardly even knew that he was having his blood taken.

He made the whole experience as ‘fun’ as it can be for a small child having blood taken!

We received the tests results within a week and this was followed up with another appointment with Dr Hii, who again explained the diagnosis well and provided us with all the information we needed to treat this condition.

Having followed the advice given by Dr Hii, it has now been 8 weeks and after our final appointment, we have now completed our treatment with the Paediatric Gut Investigation Clinic.

We are very impressed with the whole experience. It can be a very traumatic time not knowing what is wrong with your child but both Dr Hii and Nurse Femi offer an excellent level of service, expertise and knowledge and I would highly recommend this service.