I have twins, and almost since weaning, I noticed that my son Jack’s stools were looser than my daughters. I can’t tolerate gluten, and so I tried Jack on a gluten-free two weeks at around 18 months, but it did not make any difference. By three years old various family and friends would regularly laugh at Jack’s bloated tummy (he said he had a baby inside) and my nanny confirmed her nephew of the same age did not have a “big tummy” like Jack’s. He would sometimes poo up to 6 times a day, sometimes with mucus, and started to have a few accidents when he couldn’t get to the toilet in time. I knew that wherever we went, I would need to access a bathroom, which is not always comfortable with Covid restrictions and when we are such an outdoors family. I also tried a dairy-free/reduced regime which made a slight difference, but not significantly.

Our GP was not any help and told me it could be anything “even the water”, that we might never find out what the cause is, he’ll probably grow out of it. Brilliant I thought as we scrubbed some more soiled pants. Even doctors within the family were pretty dismissive.

In the end, I used Google and found Paediatric Gut Investigation. Femi was very responsive, persistent (with my slight non-commitment) and helpful from the start. We went to see him and Jack loved “Benny” as he called him. The GP had said blood tests in kids are horrific and he would be scarred for love…Jack said it was okay for Femi to do one, and didn’t even cry.

The intolerance I least wanted to have confirmed as Fructose. Why could he not be gluten-intolerant like me then we could eat the same foods?! Anyway, Femi quietly persisted with me and after an inconclusive but interesting hydrogen breath test I finally agreed to do the Fructose exclusion diet. It wasn’t as bad as I feared. In fact, after a few days, it was clear Fructose was the problem. After nine days, we had a Zoom with Chris, the Nutritionist, and we are now working out what Jack can and can’t tolerate. He can eat some fruit and most veg – just not huge glasses of orange juice and processed foods laced with hidden fructose additives and tons of sugar. And best of all, if we do go off track for one party day or something, Dr Hii assured me this will not harm Jack long term, just that symptoms will return, and so he’ll probably not want those foods anyway. This has proved true…

I would say that I should have listed to Femi’s suggestion of an FF diet sooner and that no-one should be swayed by the view of supposed “experts” if as a parent you think the advice you are being given is not correct. PGIC actually listen and try to solve the problem. Good luck!

Once again, thank you so much Benny (Femi)…you’ve made a huge difference to Jack.

Best Wishes