My 5-year-old boy was suffering from chronic diarrhoea for months.

We had numerous doctors appointments, around 6 where he was seen by a number of different local doctors. He also had 3 blood tests and the doctors kept coming back with nothing was wrong. Obviously there was something wrong as my son ended up not being able to control himself and soiling his pants most days. My son was being sent home from school and telling me he couldn’t control himself and it was getting worse. It was of course upsetting for him and for us as we didn’t know where to start.

My friend recommended the Paediatric Gut investigation clinic and so I made an appointment.

At the first appointment, I couldn’t believe it when they mentioned he had severe constipation. This had never crossed my mind as I thought it was the total opposite. Michael Hii explained what was happening and it made total sense.

My son started his treatment, we sent off stool samples and removed dairy and soya from his diet.

We went back to the clinic for blood tests and Femi was amazing as my son had a total massive melt down, Femi didn’t push anything , just took his time and engaged with my son and after about an hour managed to get the tests completed.

After a few weeks the results of his samples were in and the difference in the sets of results were amazing. Luckily the clinic were able to rule out Inflammatory Bowel Disease and able to tell me my son has a dairy and soya intolerance.

I am extremely grateful to Michael and Femi who have managed to resolve the problem and get my son back to leading a normal life with a change of diet. Mine and my sons clinic experience was 10 out of 10. Thank you to everyone at the clinic who made it possible to help my boy.