We first went to the paediatric gut investigation clinic in desperation about 12 months ago. My daughter had been symptomatic for about 2 years previously and we had tried everything without success. For many months I put it down to “normal” stomach upsets and then it became so frequent and severe that she was missing school. She was feeling lethargic, was very grumpy – probably partly as she was a teenager but also I am sure as she was unwell all the time. It was horrible to see that she also would not go to friends’ houses as she was so frightened of being unwell. The GP was not particularly helpful and the first consultant we saw provided antibiotics for a gut infection and suggested she stay off Gluten. We went Gluten free for a year which did not help. We also tried alternative therapies which were very costly and did not work at all.

As soon as we spoke with Femi at PGI we felt in safe hands. He is definitely the best nurse we have ever met and wonderfully crazy to gain my daughters confidence. Femi explained to us the process and how to find trigger foods. I was convinced it was something serious as she had been so poorly for so long. All the normal diets of no dairy, gluten, eggs had not helped.

Following a number of tests several things were uncovered and treated, one being a bacterial overgrowth which was treated and gave short term relief. After various tests and guided by Dr Hii and Femi we finally found the culprit – Fructose!

I should have had more faith when Femi told us it is nearly always food related. The relief when she stopped taking fructose (apple juice) was instant and we are delighted with the service we received.

Thank you!!