My son attended the clinic after having some initial tests done via our GP, as he would often suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Dr Hii arranged for a pediatric nurse to carry out further tests and they were very thorough. They included two hydrogen breath tests, and a skin prick test to look for a reaction to various foods. All of these were painless, and the nurse was so lovely and totally put my son at ease. After all tests were negative we concluded my son had a delayed reaction to something, and Dr Hii guided us through food elimination, providing us with information in each case so it was easy to plan meals. After eliminating dairy and not seeing any change, we then moved on to wheat and gluten elimination, and the symptoms then cleared. I am so grateful to Dr Hii and the clinic staff for helping me isolate the cause, I didn’t want to eliminate food groups without the guidance of a specialist, as I didn’t want to deprive my son of nutrients. I actually don’t mind the changes we have had to make to his diet, as I’m just so relieved to have him feeling better.
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