The service we have received has been amazing.

I came with my daughter to see Doc Hii. She had been suffering from tummy aches constantly and nothing I did helped. It was really upsetting when she would keep telling me her tummy hurt and she was in pain and I was unable to help.

We got a referral to see Doc Hii. He asked lots of questions and talked through things that could be causing her tummy aches and tests that could be carried out to find answers. He made me feel confident that a solution would be found.

My daughter had different tests and he was great at explaining why each was necessary and what he hoped to find. He would also mention what could be done next if the tests did not produce any results, which always made me feel reassured that there was other avenues to explore.

Femi his nurse carried out some of the tests at the hospital and my daughter instantly liked him. He was patient and kind, explaining everything and giving time for me to ask questions or to reassure my daughter.
Doc Hii found that my daughter was suffering from a dairy intolerance and he gave me additional information via email as well as talking to me about how to proceed. Also mentioning different ways to make sure she still got sufficient calcium.

All became much better, but she was still sometimes suffering from a bloated, sore tummy. At our next appointment I mentioned this and Doc Hii suggested what could be causing it, asking questions and offering a way to test it.

My daughter was reassured to hear that it would be Femi performing the test which resulted in her being diagnosed with a fructose intolerance.
We are now able to manage her diet at home and my daughter now has no tummy aches and it’s such a relief.

We are still having follow up appointments for now, which are getting further apart each time and a few more tests to make sure everything is fine.

The service we have received has been amazing. After spending so long listening to my daughter saying she was in pain, it’s so lovely to never hear her mentioning her tummy. I would recommend Doc Hii to anyone.