Symptoms of chronic stomach ache

“My three and half-year-old son had been displaying symptoms of chronic stomach ache, bloating and on a few occasions, he was physically sick. This had started as mild symptoms in January and by the time I went to see Dr Hi it was chronic, not sleeping or eating properly, and that was in June. The doctor was very thorough and did all the skin prick tests, blood tests and also stool tests for my son. He then mentioned doing a trial diet and cutting out either wheat/gluten or dairy. I started with wheat because of the symptoms he was displaying and also because he did have a very heavy wheat diet, too much love for sausages!!

Within three weeks there was a significant difference with my son. The stomach pains had stopped, he was sleeping through the night again and he was eating more food. He then started to tell us when going to supermarkets that some of the foods he used to eat were hurting his stomach!

When we went back in August to see Dr Hi again the difference in Ollie was huge, he was happy, pain-free and had put on 800 grams since his last appointment!

I am so thankful they recommended doing this diet and highly recommend this to any parent to start with first. Who knew foods could cause such discomfort!”