So positive was the experience

My daughter Rachel became ill at the beginning of 2017, after a few visits to the GP she was referred urgently to see Dr Hii. He took the time to talk directly to Rachel very much including her in the consultation. That first appointment he requested blood tests which Femi the nurse performed that day. Rachel had never had a blood test before so was understandably anxious but Femi was fantastic putting her immediately at ease. The fact that the tests could be done the same day was a massive bonus as there was no time to worry further. Femi made Rachel feel relaxed and even managed to make her smile and laugh while he took several tubes of blood. Making the first time such a positive experience has been a massive help as Rachel has subsequently had so many more blood tests and several canula’s now and she never worries about them.

The results of the blood came back extremely quickly and Dr Hii rang to discuss the results. Two weeks later Rachel was back having a colonoscopy and endoscopy under general anaesthetic at Gatwick Park. Dr Hii ensured he came to talk to Rachel before the procedure and came to speak with me while Rachel was in recovery. Femi made sure he was also there to check Rachel in, fit her canula and generally look after her for the whole day nothing was too much trouble.

On diagnosis of Crohn’s disease Dr Hii organised an appointment with Chris Smith the dietician to discuss special drinks Rachel was to take to help her immediately feel better. The communication and support we as a family have received have been fantastic!

So positive was the experience Rachel has no fear of hospital visits and Femi is her all-time favourite nurse!