Most amazing team of doctors and nurses

During the past few months I have been undergoing treatment at Gatwick Park where I have met the most amazing team of doctors and nurses. When I first got there I felt scared because I didn’t know what they would do, but the minute I met Dr Michael Hii I felt relaxed as he was so kind. I was told I had to have a blood test I was very nervous but I did not have time to get nervous. In no time I was introduced to a nurse called Femi who made me laugh and I was no longer scared. He gave me some magic cream and I did not feel a thing even though he took so much blood he still kept me giggling for the whole time I was in there.

The results came back very quickly and Dr Hii was able to talk to my mum and explain the treatment I would need. Within under two weeks I was undergoing treatment and as I had more and more treatment (blood transfusion colonoscopy endoscopy and many cannulas and blood tests) it became fun to go to the hospital as Chris, Dr Hii and Femi were so kind and super funny if you ever have to meet any of the team there is no need to get anxious they so kind and nice.

I went back to see Femi a few weeks ago to take him some biscuits I had made. He scoffed the lot and I’m told he loves carrot cake (he loves it when you give him food related gifts) although my journey has not quiet ended yet the team has made this stressful experience feel so much easier, I never worry about going to the hospital and I’m excited about the future. (Diagnosed with Cohn’s disease in 2017)


Rachel (PGIC Embassador)