It is great to see Alex feeling much better.

Dr Hii has been very thorough and it has been good to try and get to the bottom of Alex’s problems after we had hit a wall with the GP. We were able to ask any questions and to make decisions about treatment.

Femi has been brilliant as he is so good with children and always available to answer questions and let Alex know what to expect when taking blood or during his endoscopy and ph study. The care at the hospital was excellent when Alex was a day patient, and Dr Hii made sure to come and see us after the procedure. Femi provided excellent care and made sure Alex was reassured and knew what was going to happen. Alex was especially pleased with his post-procedure chocolate bar!

Through a process of elimination, Dr Hii has helped us to rule out lots of possible causes, and we are now trying a dairy and soya free elimination diet which seems to be working for the gastro symptoms, it is great to see Alex feeling much better.