Great result!

From our first consultation with Dr Hii and the paediatric lead nurse Femi, we knew we were in good hands. Femi was brilliant with my son, taking time to make sure he was pain-free before taking blood and being very relaxed and calm so that my son was totally chilled too.

This process isn’t a quick fix but more like a marathon where slow and steady wins the race. I had to stay focused on the goal of working out which foods were causing my son’s intolerance and Dr Hii and Femi were great at keeping us on track as we steadily worked our way through exclusion diets to figure this out. They were also good at listening to our ideas and thoughts and it was a combined effort with my son at the heart of all the decisions made.

It’s taken a while but we got there and now know exactly what foods are my son’s triggers and what we can do about it! We are so happy we preserved and listened to all the advice from the team to get this great result!