Great positive attitude

“We came to see Dr Hii and Femi because our son had been suffering with constipation for 2 years and it was having a major negative impact on his quality of life. We had tried discussing our concerns with other healthcare professionals but had been reassured “constipation is common in children” and dismissed. Before our consultation, Femi was very helpful, responding promptly to my emails and taking the time to talk with me in detail over the phone. I wrote a summary of our childs needs before I attended our appointment, and this had been read by both Femi and Dr Hii. At our appointment, we were seen promptly. Dr Hii took time to discuss the issues our son was experiencing, and how this was impacting on his life. We were treated with a great deal of respect, and our concerns were taken seriously. Dr Hii took a thorough history and examined our son. Blood tests and allergy tests were recommended. Femi had a great positive attitude and our son responded very well to him. He explained the blood test and involved my son in the decisions (cream or cold spray). My son chose the cold spray and he tested this on his arm. The blood test was painless, and he did not even need a plaster afterwards. Likewise with the allergy tests. It was discovered my son had an allergy to wheat and we commenced a wheat-free diet. We returned to the clinic a month later for the blood test results. As the constipation had not resolved, we were advised to trial a diary-free diet. Within days, the combined wheat-diary free diet had a dramatic positive impact on our son’s constipation and wellbeing. We continue to be supported by the clinic and feel able to access their support and advice. We cannot recommend the clinic highly enough.”