Excellent Service Would Highly Recommend

My son had been suffering from diarrhoea, tummy pain and some other symptoms for a few months. It had been very difficult to access help from our GP and I was very concerned about what could be wrong with my son and the impact it was having on his school attendance and wellbeing.

We were able to see Dr Hii very quickly, a few days after calling for an appointment. We were booked in for blood tests, skin prick testing and fructose tolerance test the day after seeing him, plus stool samples. Dr Hii really listened to our issues and gave me high confidence that we would get to the root cause of what was going on. The testing was done in a way that made my son feel at ease and not worried about the process. Femi was very kind and relaxed with my son and took the time to explain everything to him.

The results were in a few days later and my son had positive results on blood tests which suggested coeliac disease. We had a video consultation with the Dr the same day as getting the results and he talked us through the next steps. A gastroscopy to confirm the diagnosis was booked. We were nervous about this but the care was excellent and I felt very reassured by the experienced team. I was anxious about the anaesthetic but Clare the anaesthetist was really experienced and took the time to explain it all to us in detail. The hospital room was really comfortable and my son loved having his own TV and being able to order food after the procedure!! I think he ordered himself at least two bowls of ice cream….

Our results were back a couple of weeks later and confirmed the expected diagnosis of coeliac disease. My son has been on a gluten free diet for a couple of weeks and already this has made a really positive difference to his health. We are seeing the dietician Chris at the end of the week to talk us through being gluten free in more detail.

I can’t thank everyone enough and would highly recommend this clinic to any other parents going through similar situations.

Coeliac Disease