Difficulty processing Fructose

“My daughter was suffering abdominal pain constantly. This was making her tired, grumpy and not at all herself.

We tried everything we could think but nothing was working. At one point it was so bad we took her to the hospital as she was crying from the pain. They didn’t know the cause and brushed it aside as a UTI.

After almost a year of pain we requested the help of Dr Hii. In just a few tests, we discovered she was having difficulty processing Fructose.

We started her on a low Fructose diet, which wasn’t as hard as we expected.

After two weeks of Fructose free she came into my bedroom and hugged me, the biggest smile on her face. She told me the pain was gone. She became happy again.

We followed the diet and gradually added Fructose items back in to help find where her intolerance levels were.

She knows almost instantly if it’s a bad food by pain, but it’s a pain that goes as soon as she stops eating it.

She now manages her own diet and is the happy girl she used to be.”