Constant irritability, poor weight gain,

I took my baby to see the gut clinic following concerns about constant irritability, poor weight gain, loose nappies and some enlarged lymph nodes. After seeing Dr Hii we were sent for some bloods done by Femi and stool tests which came back reassuringly normal.

We were trialled on Ranitidine incase there was an element of reflux and I was told to go dairy free as it was possible my son had CMPA. We also trialled special formula at night to see if this helped.

Unfortunately, although his weight improved the irritability didn’t. We had reassuring follow up with the team who were fantastic but it wasn’t until he turned 6 months that things improved. I wonder whether he just needed time for his gut to mature and start weaning for the irritability to settle.

I think it’s tough being a first time mum and potentially over medicalising a healthy child but I appreciate the support provided by the team, the reassuring investigations and the ease of accessibility.