Big thank you for helping me

I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me get to where we are now.

After our son was on dairy-free he was still complaining about stomach aches and having toilet accidents on a daily basis to the point it stopped us enjoying quality family time out and about. As he’s starting school I looked into a special clinic as I just couldn’t send him the way he was. After Dr Hii suggested keep him off soya we quickly changed his diet and put him on a laxative. Not fully understanding that it was constipation causing daily accidents Dr Hii explained everything and we came off soya and wow what a difference. It did take about 5 weeks before tummy really settled into a routine with toilet but he’s not had any stomach aches, he’s going regular, he’s much happier and much better behaved (didn’t realise before how this was impacting his behaviour) we can now say visiting spire and getting the professional help has made such a difference to our lives. We can go out for long trips and spend time together as a family without worrying where the nearest toilet is or having to take lots of spare clothes!

Thanks so much.