Chris Smith

Paediatric Dietitian

Chris has 15 years’ experience in clinical dietetics. Following his training in London he worked at the Royal Free Hospital, London for many years then moved to the Children’s Hospital in Brighton in 2007. Currently Chris is the lead paediatric acute Dietitian in a team of 8 specialist dieticians. His main interest is in the clinical management of under nutrition, gastroenterology, allergy and cystic fibrosis.

He has a strong interest in research and has published work in the field of nutrition.  In 2012 he led the collation of a European wide audit of CF dietetic practice with a data cohort of >7000 patients from 10 countries. He has presented many of his own research works at several European conferences including ESPGHAN (2017, 2015, 2013, 2012) and ECFS (European Cystic Fibrosis Society 2012, 2009). Chris has been a lecturer for several leading nutrition companies for many years and continues this important work to share good clinical practice and best nutritional care.

Chris maintains a busy clinical work load as well as being part of the MDT nutrition team for the hospital along with surgical and gastroenterology colleagues.

Since setting up the Nutritional Clinical Investigation Unit in 2014 at the Children’s Hospital his current projects focus on nutritional assessment of body composition, indirect calorimetry and intake composition analysis.

In his spare time Chris runs a taxi service for his 2 children.

Meet Chris

Published and Presented Abstracts


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