We are so grateful to Paediatric Gut investigation

Our 13 year old son (normally fit and well) was admitted as an emergency to our local NHS hospital with severe abdominal pain. He presented with a grey pallor and continual indescribable stomach pain. I can only liken it to him being in childbirth! Urgent bloods, chest and abdominal x rays were taken. The doctors initially thought he may have a collapse lung or an acute infection. However, all bloods and x rays were normal apart from the abdominal x-ray showing severe constipation. He was commenced on a low dose of Movicol and also medication for abdominal migraines. However, there was little improvement, the pain continued, he had no appetite, was dehydrated and suffered nausea for over a week. He was admitted and discharged from hospital a number of times. During this time I became absolutely desperate to get help for my son. I ended up googling abdominal pain and that is when I came across Dr Hii and his team. I phoned the number in the evening not expecting to speak to someone. Surprisingly the lead nurse answered and he was absolutely fantastic, providing information and support. Our appointment with Dr Hii was excellent, we felt very reassured for the first time of his diagnosis of chronic constipation. Probably linked to him having a very bad episode of flu 6 weeks earlier. He started him on a clear plan of medication and diet. As well as providing back up if things detoriated again. We are so grateful to Paediatric Gut investigation for their professional expertise.