Thanks, Femi for everything.

“I can not thank Femi enough for his care for my son. My son has Asperger’s and has had tummy trouble for years. Sometimes not very often other times every day especially in the evening. We have been back and forth to the doctors who have either diagnosed stress or anxiety and eventually IBS. We all know our own children and know when something just isn’t right. After the last 6 months os loose stools up to 6 times a day, weight loss and other symptoms I searches the internet for answers and found the paediatric gut clinic at Gatwick. I read the reviews and figured I had nothing to lose. Well, what can I say after a long chat over the phone with Femi we were booked in for a few days time. My son was terrified of the appointment he didn’t want to be weighed or measured examined. After meeting Femi he totally relaxed for the rest of the appointment until the blood tests. He was hysterical when Femi tried to do the test and for a while, we didn’t think he would go through with it. But with Femi’s amazing patience, honesty, calming friendly approach he did it! I could t believe it he actually had a blood test and watched too! The following day he had a fructose test along with other allergy tests. The allergies all came out negative however the fructose test was a huge positive. After a month of a very restricted diet, I can honestly say my son’s symptoms are 90% better. Without the help and support of Femi there is no way we would now be where we are today. I simply can not thank Femi enough.If you are reading this thinking I know this person is saying this but my son is different. Honestly, if you knew my son you wouldn’t believe he managed the test don’t hesitate and give them a call. Thanks, Femi for everything.