So grateful to Dr Hii and Femi

I am so grateful to Dr Hii and Femi to carry out some tests on our 18 month old child. We were constantly being let down by our doctors and the hospitals regarding looking into what food allergy or food intolerance our daughter had, and it was causing her to have flare ups of her skin, constant diarrhoea for months and months, and bloating/wind. From the moment I first spoke to Femi on the phone, he has been very professional and guiding us step by step through the process they were going to do to find out the problem. 3 days later we were seen by Dr Hii and Femi at the clinic, straight away they put us at ease and I know our daughter was in the best hands. We found out lots of good information and at the moment are eliminating dairy and soya from her diet, and already only a few days later there is a huge improvement.

So thank you to Femi and Dr Hii – my only regret is we should of made an appointment to see you sooner, so this would of been sorted a long time ago!