Massive relief

I have to say it has all been a massive relief. It’s been nearly three years that Henry has felt unwell to varying degrees. I thought it was diet related but never even thought it could be a sugar! The breath test was so conclusive it was such a positive piece of information for Henry to see and try to understand fructose malabsorption. We’ve done lots of reading and tried a few things since the elimination diet and it’s clear there are some foods that really react. It was unclear in the past because there seems to be a delay and that’s why we couldn’t work it out.

When he gave up wheat he knew after three weeks it wasn’t that. This time after 5 weeks he’s personally very careful! I can tell he’s feeling better. The most important thing is that the acid reflux trouble has gone and there’s no medication involved!

Thank you, Femi and Dr Hii, this has been a long journey, sometimes frustrating but the testing has been so worth it! Look forward to meeting the dietician!

Best wishes


Victoria and Henry